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In 2006 we inaugurated our brew room with two vats with which we started and still today continue producing.

Over the years we have increased production modifying techniques and space going from four cylindrical/conical fermenting vats to our present nine, and we have updated our bottling station: this in order to not have to limit the recipes to our brewing space but rather to encourage maximum continuity to our beers.

This has allowed us to increase production but to maintain the same high quality.

Today our production is in the order of 2,000 hectolitres a year, almost all distributed in two bottle sizes.

35% of our beers are exported – to the principal beer drinking countries of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the U.K.), but most in Canada and the United States, with some also going to the far East (notably to Japan and Hong Kong).

We currently produce ten beers, all of which are created with extreme care and a very detailed study of beer-making techniques, concentrating on the quality of the ingredients and reserving particular attention to the elegance and finish of the product.

The water we use is very soft and therefore poor in minerals, a characteristic which gives purity and elegance to our beers. The malt and hops are imported directly from producing countries such as Belgium, Germany and the U.K. where years of brewing tradition guarantee a very high quality. We do not however ignore our own home grown ingredients choosing, where possible, local produce for certain beers, as, for example, in the use of IGP spelt from the Garfagnana region.

All our beers are produced using high fermentation (only one using low fermentation) techniques, they are neither pasteurized nor filtered and enjoy a second fermentation in the bottle.

Beer Prizes

Slow Food Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2018
Prize: chiocciola

Slow Food Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2017
Prize: chiocciola

Slow Food Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2015
Prize: bottiglia

Slow Food Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2013
Prize: bottiglia