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St. Renna

St. Renna Biere de Noel

St. Renna

A special amber beer inspired by the Belgians’ traditional Christmas ales. Produced with the addition of spices it enjoys a fairly high alcoholic content but remains pleasantly drinkable. Winy and exotic sensations with hints of red berries and malt. Ideal for your wintry evenings.

Ideal with traditional Christmas sweets and desserts, pastries and dried fruits, it can also by enjoyed by itself as an after dinner beverage.

IBU: 20 - EBC: 40
Formats: 0,75 L - 1,5 L - Polykeg 16 l
The name:

For our bière de Noel – a little word play. St. Renna can be read as a single word “strenna” being an Italian word for Christmas gifts donated to family and friends, or as St. Renna (“renna” means reindeer in Italian) suggesting the idea of the drink of the reindeer which are commonly associated with the idea of Yule.


Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2017 – grande birra