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Eva Pils


A low fermentation light beer, characterized by its light body it is dry and very drinkable, sustained by a fine and persistent carbonation. Both in the nose and on the palate it is a triumph of continental hops which give it grassy and floral notes, a bitter and clean finish.

Marries well to all the menu, as an aperitif, as an all-rounder. The best match is to another Eva.

IBU: 25 - EBC: 5
Formats: Polykeg 24 l
The name:

Eve is the starting point, the base, the mother of us all. Our Eva is delicate, light, and drinkable, like a mother who soothes you, who teaches you, who takes your hand with care and love. This is the reasoning behind Apo’s choice of name for our first beer having low fermentation, choosing between the many suggestions that arrived from the world of Twitter from all those that had sampled the product. Besides, the name of Eva is historically linked to that of Lilith (another of our labels) and so pils and bitter differing in character but united by a common destiny.


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