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Limes Italian Grape Ale


A speciality beer produced as it is with the addition of Vermentino grape juice coming from the Fattoria di Magliano. Characterised by a fine perlage and a vein of acidity and minerals, almost salty thanks to the grapes of the Maremma area, it has a decidedly dry finish. A hybrid beer, fascinating, elegant and thirst quenching.

Perfect with fish crudités, pasta with fish, fresh green cheese or simply by itself, as a nice sparkling wine.

IBU: 6 - EBC: 8
Formats: 0,33 L
The name:

For the ancient Romans Limes was the boundary and also the military road that penetrated into enemy or at least foreign territory. In the same way our beer brings two cultures and two raw materials (barley and grape) into contact with each other. Two worlds which meld and enrich each other reciprocally overcoming their respective barriers. Attention: Limes (pronunciation – leemes) is a Latin name – not to be confused with the English word for the citrus fruit!


Birra dell'anno 2016 - argento