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Stoner Strong Golden Ale


A light-coloured beer, golden. Fresh but potent to the nose containing notes of apricot and candied fruit. On the palate it is well balanced having hints of honey and fruit which pleasantly mask its fairly high alcoholic content.

Excellent with cheddars, filled pasta dishes (ravioli and similar), risottos, marrow and saffron based dishes, white meats, baked vegetables.

IBU: 27 - EBC: 10
Formats: 0,33 L - 0,75 L - 1,5 L - Polykeg 24 l
The name:

We decided on Stoner after an evening passed at a round table in the search for the right name. After numerous libations in an effort to gain inspiration and having to deal with what turned out to be a very drinkable beer we were surprised to find ourselves somewhat inebriated. And thus the name Stoner, from the adjective “stoned”. (Curiously, our American distributors seem not to appreciate the connotations and therefore when we export this beer to the states we must change the label with the final ”R” separate from the rest of the name!).


Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2018 – grande birra
Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2017 – birra quotidiana
Birra dell'Anno 2014 - argento
Birra dell'Anno 2013 - argento
Beverage Testing Institute 2012 - gold medal
Guida alle Birre d'Italia Slow Food 2009 – birra di assoluto valore (5 stelle rosse)
Birra dell'Anno 2007 - bronzo