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Martello Pale Lager


Bottom fermented amber beer, made in collaboration with the renown german brewery Elch-Brau. Its caramel tasting soul, given by english pale malts, is flanked by the easy-drinking attitude of the lager yeast and the crispy, grassy notes coming from the Tettnanger hops, together with the aromatic vein of the american varieties.

The perfect match is with cold cuts and fat meats, wurstel and sausages, bitter greens.

IBU: 26 - EBC: 12
Formats: Polykeg 24 l
The name:

Martello is the "diminutive" of Alce and Martello, the first name we had imagined for this beer. As it has been a kind of revolution, that Georg came to Tuscany in October, brewing with us our first "modern", bottom fermented beer! Beyond the fact it was a pun with the italian translation of "elch", we chose to call it Martello, to be faster in ordering another.