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Lilith Pale Ale


A beer with character, amber in colour and having a persistent head. Well-structured though very fresh, it gains its citrus and resinous scent with a clear bitter finish from the use of hops coming from both Europe and America.

It is best with pork or fatty meats, dried meats and salamis or grilled meats.

IBU: 27 - EBC: 21
Formats: 0,33 L - 0,75 L - 1,5 L - Polykeg 24 l
The name:

According to Hebrew cabalistic tradition Lilith was Adam’s first companion created, not like Eve from a rib, but from the earth. Because of her having chosen not to submit to her husband, she was repudiated and expelled, thereafter becoming a female demon. This name was chosen because Lilith was our very first beer, produced by the way, on the 6th, June 2006 (write the date in figures and you will understand!).


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